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     the Boy & the Ball -
Reviews and Testimonials

"It is a masterpiece in exploring the subtle niceties, insecurities and joys of play, making friends and sheer magic...The mastery of this work is its delicacy and respect for its young audience, their capacity to respond to it and be rewarded in that response by what happens before them by a supremely aware performer in Noonan." The Barefoot Review

"undeniably elegant and intimate work... a theatrical gem" Stage Whispers and Theatre Travels

"the Boy and the Ball provides a significant frame for the early learning context with a particular focus on conceptual thinking. ‘the Boy and the Ball’ provides space for children and educators to explore humour, play and encapsulate the imagination. There are few opportunities to witness the agentic nature of conceptual thinking and humour in children as co-designers and participants of an educational experience.  ‘the Boy and the Ball’ is cleverly crafted to achieve these important pedagogical aims".

Dr Belinda MacGill – Senior Lecturer in Arts Education

University of  South Australia

the Boy & the Ball full review by David O'Brien, The Barefoot Review can be found here.

theBoy&the Ball_photo_jovana _semiz.jpg

'the Boy & the Ball' by Stephen Noonan  Images: Jovana Semiz


"Never before have we seen a show that is so engaging for a young audience. "

Teacher - Gowrie South Australia


"Our preschool children loved the performance. The delight on the children's faces was priceless!" 

Teacher - Goodwood Preschool

"Skillful, magical and joyously simple. This is a delicious show that is just perfect for kindergarten aged children."

Elena Vereker – Director, Insite Arts

"I’m still so moved by the performance and the joyous atmosphere that I haven’t experienced for such a long time!" Dr. Boram Lee - Lecturer, University of  South Australia

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